The SKA is being hosted in Africa and in Western Australia.

The Africa component will comprise about 3 000 dish-shaped antennae spread over many thousands of square kilometres. The core of the telescope will lie in the Northern Cape’s Karoo region, with outlying stations spread throughout South Africa, and in Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Madagascar and Mauritius.

Radio telescopes must be located as far away as possible from man-made electronics or machines that emit radio waves that will interfere with the faint radio signals coming from the distant Universe. The site should also be as high and dry as possible, because some radio waves are absorbed by the moisture in our atmosphere.

South African government have stated they believe locating the project here will allow for economic development and upskilling of scientists as well as empowering local communities, who will be employed in the project.

The South African location:

Read more on the locations


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